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Helmet manufacturer Giro have redefined their time trial lids with the introduction of the Aerohead MIPS range that Giro have claimed to be their fastest time trial helmet ever.

Bicycling Australia recently spent a couple of days with Gary McDonald and the Paint My Bike team at their Brisbane workshop. In Episode 1 Gary takes us on take on a tour of his workshop showing us their carbon repair room, preparation bay, paint mixing room, spray booth and baking oven.

The 10.8km Individual Mountian Time Trial served a nasty blow to the GC contenders and the field alike, with 8 percent pinches keeping the riders honest, it was a reletively unknown rider that stole the show.

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Over time, steel frame bikes were replaced by aluminium to lighten their weight and increase rigidity. Then came the ‘be all and end all’ of frame building materials with the arrival and introduction of carbon frames, giving cyclists the enjoyment of stiffness and lightness, and the bonus of customisable comfort.

Polygon may not be the best known bike brand in Australia and you won’t find them at your local bike shop, but when they can deliver a good looking, well specced bike at a really great price, maybe Polygon are worth a look.

The R3 is Cervelo's everyman machine but it’s no cookie cutter bike by any means. The R series has some serious props winning Roubaix many times, including under Stuart O’Grady. Our own one day specialist Pat Howard checked out the 2016 R3 during November.

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Mark Fenner, coaching guru, knows about training riders of all ages. Here he discusses training for masters aged riders. Should it be different to the sort of training you would do in your early twenties? And if so, why?

Lachlan Searle gives us a few cycling-specific tips to use the humble foam roller.

Recently there have been many articles concluding that stretching has little performance benefit to athletes. ‘Great!’, you may think, there is my ticket to no stretching!

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When it comes to nutritional quality, not only does preparing your meals and snacks at home give you much more control over what you are eating but it also means that you have complete control over the amounts of carbs, proteins, vegies and good fats that you consume diet on a daily basis.

There is plenty of attention given to eating for recovery, carb loading and hydration but far less to macronutrient balance. So how much carbohydrate, protein and fat do cyclists of different levels require?

It almost seems unfathomable that a healthy cyclist would be at risk of poor bone health, but recent studies are prompting some to action.

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Tailwinds are a marvellous thing, but sadly very unreliable. Under deceptively sunny skies, riders in the Volta a La Marina earlier this year took on some nasty headwinds coming off the Mediterranean Sea.

Thailand may not immediately spring to mind when you think of epic mountain riding, yet the far north has some of the finest tropical touring terrain around.

Steve Thomas heads into the remote regions of China in search of some high rolling road cycling.

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For 2017 Merida has announced an all-new 'plus' tyre trail bike and revamped geometry on their race level hardtails.

Extra wide rims for World Cup XC racing? Bontrager believes it's the future!

Santa Cruz has just launched the third edition of the venerable Tallboy, but this time it’s not just a 29er.